Understanding My Resemblance To Micheal Burry’s Role As Depicted In The Film, The Big Short

Michael Burry, the fictional character from The Big Short is one I can relate to. As for my career, I would like to work in the financial sector. This could be as a personal finances consultant or even own a hedgefund. My father gave me a brokerage for my 16th Birthday, which sparked my interest in investing and finance. It made me feel strong and confident. I thought that I could earn any amount of money.

Michael Burry’s character is an aloof, self-confessed person who thinks he is only good at math and numbers. His memorable self-description was, “I’m not sarcastic.” I don’t have a sense of humor. I have no idea how to handle people. I know how to count. I have seven paper trading accounts that I check multiple times a day. I create different portfolios based on strategies. Some have volatile, lower priced stocks, others have blue-chip, mutual funds and stocks.

In any field, questioning conventional understanding is essential for progress. As an example, everyone used to think the Earth was round. In finance, “flat earth” thinking is basically following what “experts” have to say. Burry faced a backlash of investors and clients when he chose to short housing in the movie. Burry, despite being under a lot of pressure, chose to keep his investment plan centered around his original belief that the banks had been giving out bad mortgages which resulted in many borrowers defaulting, and thus rendering the mortgage-backed bonds worthless. As a financial analyst who is obsessed with reading financial headlines, I know that there are many different stock pickers and “investment specialists” that have differing opinions, analyses and predictions. A person must think for themselves in the worlds of finance and investments. It is important to not follow conventional wisdom in all academic fields.

Michael Burry’s grit is something I can relate to. If I know that I’m doing something worthwhile, I don’t mind spending hours on my computer. To produce my best, I must feel there is a purpose behind it. If I can find it, I’ll put in all the effort and time necessary.


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