The Movie Review, The Blind Side

The Blind Side is my film of choice. This movie is a sociological concept that I found interesting. The Tuohy family decides to adopt Michael, a homeless teenager. Michael is from a broken family, his father is absent and his mother is a drug addict. The Tuohy’s children and their daughter both go to private schools. He is offered the opportunity to play football as well as to study at one of these schools. The Tuohy family finds out that Michael is having serious academic delays. They hire a tutor for Michael to help him study. He could get the support he needed to succeed in college and university.

The movie that depicts a dysfunctional family is the first sociological concept. Adopted relatives are also included in non-traditional family structures. The Tuohys portray a traditional family. Their father worked hard and their mother was a stay-at-home mom. When they accepted Michael into their home, they were deemed untraditional. Because the adopted child was not typical of her white, wealthy family, the mother always gets stares in the movie. Michael comes from a lower-income family, while his adoptive family is from an upper-income household. The movie shows the difference when Michal’s guardian must approach his biological mom to end her parental rights. Michael told his guardian to stay in the car when they entered the neighborhood. He knew that the neighborhood he grew-up in was dangerous. Michael was raised in a dysfunctional home by his drug-addicted mother. His father wasn’t exactly the picture that we saw in the class. This is sometimes the case, but it’s not always. Michael’s education was important because he was constantly being bounced between schools since he was in foster care. These different factors have an effect on one’s socioeconomic position in society. Another example is the time they purchased Michael a vehicle to help him pass his driver’s licence test. This was because her guardian economic status allowed him to purchase a vehicle for him, while he would still have to walk to school if she wasn’t there.

The interracial couple is the third sociological concept. Michael was an African American boy who could live in a white household. This is important as race plays a significant role in families. Without the family, Michael would most likely still be failing school. After he had lived with the family, he was capable of getting the necessary help with school assignments. He was able also to go to a private school and was awarded scholarships to top universities. If he had stayed in foster care, some of these opportunities wouldn’t have been possible to him. He received a great education and was capable of getting good grades. This allowed him to apply to different universities and choose the one that was right for him.

This movie provides a great insight into the concepts that we discussed in class about family and their place in society. These families come from different backgrounds and some are not traditional. These differences are what make us unique and can help us create the family we desire.

The Blind Side is directed and written by John Lee Hancock. It’s a must-see for mature viewers. This movie tells the tragic, heart-wrenching and moving story of Michael Oher, an NFL player. He was played by Quinton Aron. Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw play Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy. Jae head and Lily Collins play their two biological kids, Collins & S.J. Tuohy. The production was filmed at Atlanta, Georgia, in 2009. But the actual events were held in Memphis. The directors chose to film in an Atlanta house because it closely resembled their Memphis family home. It is a wonderful story that the directors have already had two children before they adopted another. This movie really brings it to life with the acting and acting of the actresses. This film is exceptionally well-acted, which is why it has been so successful. Warner Bros Production spent $29,000,000 to produce and create the film. The film earned $288,000,000 and made $317,000,000 worldwide. Without the extraordinary talent of the actors, and the portrayal on screen of deeply felt subjects, all this would have not been possible.

The film opens with the Tuohy family and ends with them adopting “Big Mike” (Michael Oher), as a member of their family. The Tuohy family is a wealthy, Southern, white, football-loving, and selfless group. It is not normal for someone of color to be a part of a white family in the modern society. Big Mike knew the Tuohys through S.J. and Collins. Briarcrest Christian School, where they were then attending, was also known to the Tuohy’s. They were aware that he was lonely and poor, and had not been raised in a home with stability. Leigh Anne was able to talk it through with Sean, and they agreed to let Big Mike live in their home. They also wanted him to be part of the family. The Tuohy’s were not happy with the outcome. Leigh Anne Touhy says that she knew people would have trouble with Michael (taking him in). We have a daughter exactly the same age. It’s okay to be selfish. You worry about yourself and I will worry about mine.” Big Mike can live with his parents, the Tuohys. It was a long process to get him through high school. Once he graduates, the only remaining decision is to go to college or play football in Fall. He makes a decision after much struggle and controversy. The Tuohy’s are proud of him and humbled by everything he has accomplished.

While the production was overall fantastic, it was a testament to the talent of the actors and their actresses. Expect greatness from Sandra Bullock or Tim McGraw, who play the main characters. Sandra Bullock is a mother who is intensely nurturing, selfless, and nurturing. Bullock had to be able fight for her rights and for her children’s best interests. Leigh Anne Tuohy was inspired by her determination and strong will. He is more at home performing live than in a movie, but he still amazes us. McGraw stated that he was initially nervous about the role of actor in the film’s final scene. McGraw portrays the patriarchal leader in a close-knit family. He is humble and a sports commentator as well as a restaurateur. He provides the primary income for his 5 children and is also the voice of reason in inviting Big Mike into their home. Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and their roles as a married couple make this movie even more successful.

This film also portrays racism in a positive light and shows how to handle it with respect. It is not difficult to see that interracial families are treated differently in a southern town than those of monoracial origin. Prejudice can exist in communities and it is quite sad that families still have to deal with this issue in the 21st Century. The Tuohy family shows how to respond to racism and ignorance. Leigh Anne is interrogated in the movie by her friends over allowing a large, dark boy to join their family. However, she has a girl exactly the same as him. Leigh Anne is proud and poised when she informs her friends that she doesn’t care about Michael’s race. After letting Michael know that he was not her child, she gets up and walks away. Leigh Anne then asks Collins what she thinks about living with him. Collins replies that she’s happy he’s safe. The film shows the strength and resilience of the family as they deal with racism. I was able to leave the theater feeling more open-minded and respectful of interracial families. The Blind Side teaches viewers to respect all people and treat them with kindness, love, and respect.

The Blind Side was not what viewers expected, even though they were nervous before the movie began. It touched people all over the world and encouraged them to be good citizens. They brought together the actors and responded to racism with such positivity and inspiration. The film will be watched for many years. While we don’t all have the ability to do the same as the Tuohys, this film shows how we can each make a significant impact on our world and those around us.


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