Critical Analysis Of The Claim That Elvis Presley’s Death Was Faked

Elvis Presley, an American musician, actor and singer, became famous in the 1950s, 1960s. Elvis Presley was known for being the King of Rock and Roll and was considered to be one of twenty-first century’s most significant cultural icons. Presley was believed to have died on the 16th, August 1977. Many people believe Elvis Presley passed away in 1977. A survey found that only 4 percent of respondents believed Presley was still alive and 93% believed he died. There are many theories to support the idea that Elvis Presley is still alive and hiding. There is also a lot of evidence. As his career declined, some believe Elvis just faked his suicide to get out of the spotlight. This critique will help you discover if Elvis died 42 or faked it.

It is claimed that Elvis Presley was alive and hiding after his death. While there are many reasons Elvis could be alive, the most common is the FBI enlisting him in 1976 to infiltrate criminal organizations. The FBI placed him under witness protective because he was later found to be a mole. Gail Brewer Giorgio, the author and bestselling author of Is Elvis Alive 1988, stated this. Interviews and documents can also prove Elvis’ involvement. She also claimed that Elvis faked death to avoid being killed, and she was quoted as saying this. However, Elvis is not mentioned in any of the 760 files that the FBI released. Patrick Lacey who researched Elvis Presley and wrote Elvis Decoded said that those FBI files are accessible to the general public …… There’s nothing in them. This shows that Elvis was not associated with the FBI as the evidence claims. There isn’t any documentation of Evils going underground for the FBI or mention of Elvis being in witness protective. Fans believe that Elvis faked death as the incorrect spelling of his name is evidence that he did not die. The name on his headstone, though, is Aaron. Elvis allegedly wanted to change his last name to Aron. Although he did wish to change his surname, his legal title is Aaron. Therefore the spelling of his actual name is correct on the headstone. Many alleged sightings, including Elvis himself, have occurred since his death. Fans noticed a man around 80 years of age on Elvis’ 82nd birthday. It is believed that he was traveling to Memphis to purchase a one-way ticket for Buenos Ares, Argentina. This was Elvis’ name for booking hotels. Elvis could have fled the country to escape. A few other sightings have occurred since his death. One of them is the photo of his pool house, in which a man who matches Elvis’ description was seen sitting in his poolhouse. In an interview, it was revealed that the man in the pool house wasn’t Elvis. However, others aren’t convinced. These theories that are based upon the fake death Elvis Presley cannot be tested. This makes it nearly impossible to prove them to be true. The evidence is built around assumptions. Although there is no evidence to support these assumptions, the number and frequency of sightings are the most reliable. However they can be biased and are not trustworthy. Elvis Presley’s death in 1977 is the only explanation. Evidence suggests that Elvis Presley, 42, died in Graceland’s Memphis mansion on August 16 1977. Ginger Alden, his girlfriend found him unconscious in a bathroom. They took him to Baptist Memorial Hospital. He died of heart failure, but it is now being believed that his death was caused by ongoing and severe drug abuse.

Elvis used opiates, sedatives and barbiturates over the years. It was also found in his blood through a toxicology report that high amounts of codeine and Percodan were present. Jerry Francisco, the medical examiner issued a statement saying that Presley died from drug-related causes. Elvis was given an inordinate amount of amphetamines. He was 40 years old by 1976 and was suffering from severe drug addiction. Elvis was also plagued by fatigue, fainting spells and high bloodpressure. Then you add type II diabetes, obesity, and an enlarged hearts, and you have a recipe for disaster. He was remembered by one of his guitarists as slurring his songs. His performances were often a disaster. He was given nearly 20 pills per day over the course of his 20-months and had three suitcases full of the drug with him on the road. Presley’s entourage received the drugs, which was why the drug count was so high. The other controversies surrounding his suicide are not as extreme as those that support his belief that he is still breathing. One is whether he died from a fall or a trip to the toilet. Another is whether drugs played any role in his death. The autopsy can verify this hypothesis and it is easy with only a few assumptions, making it trustworthy and reliable.

It is evident that the stronger hypothesis is more convincing when we examine both the claimant and alternate hypotheses. Because it can be confirmed through autopsies or toxicology reports, the alternative hypothesis that Elvis died in 1977 is stronger. It also has the smallest assumptions since all of the evidence can be supported. While there isn’t any solid evidence to support Elvis being alive, it is filled with assumptions and can’t be proven or tested. This makes it less credible and reliable. The assumption that Elvis lives is massive and difficult to prove. Presley’s only evidence supports Elvis death. When it comes to the criteria adequacy, however, the alternative hypothesis seems more likely and reasonable.


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