The Great Gatsby: Comparison Of The Movie And The Book

The Great Gatsby portrays the struggle in society for freedom and a sense of identity. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel in 1925. The story revolves around a number of characters that live in the fictional town of West Egg or East Egg. The book is an interesting story about the day-to-day activities of the characters and the thematic experiences they have. A book that was written over a hundred years ago has been adapted to a film of the same title in 2011. The book and movie share many similarities but also have some differences.

The movie has created characters based off of the issues and depictions in the book. The movie also has its own authors, who are the characters created by the story. The author can then create characters and coordinate the story to meet his needs. This is an important point in creating a connection between the work of the author and the movie creators. This same portrayal helps to create a unifying effect between the book and movie.

The movie also has a similar thematic representation. The book can contain a variety of themes. These themes provide key information and are crucial to the thematic representation. In this example, the theme analysis is the most important issues to define how a movie is made and also those that are relevant to the book’s development and movie’s creation. The movie depicts themes such as friendship, betrayal and love that are found in the book.

The same story, written by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in the book and adapted into a movie by Baz Lurhmann and starring Leonardo DiCaprio has some differences. The book’s Tom Buchanan has a different character than the movie, which is based on the same story. Tom Buchanan’s character in the novel is that of a man who wants to see things done the right way. Tom Buchanan was portrayed in the movie as an evil character. Tom is turned into the bad guy and his many crimes show this. Tom Buchanan’s character is transformed from a boring guy to a villainous character who acts in ruthless ways and seems too lazy.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work takes us to a different time. The book depicts and shows the time of the past. It is possible to link the book and the past by tying it to events and times that were depicted in the text. The movie depicts the same events and problems, but in a different way. This can be seen through the use of loud rap and movies. These elements are essential to creating a book-movie system. The movie uses the same modern technology to highlight and show the differences.

The book has a general description of the book’s creation and its issues. The book has been the primary concept behind the development of the movie. There are many similarities between the book and the movie. The book and the movie have many similarities, but they also differ in some ways.


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