How To Outline A College Admissions Essay

Students should know the basics of essay writing by the time their high school diploma arrives. Some students find writing their college application essay daunting because not all English departments in high schools are the same. We can help you to write a great admissions essay by reviewing the basic essay format and thinking about how to structure your essay.

Sample Basic Template Structure

Let's go over the basics before we get too deep into the process. The basic essay structure that you used in high-school and will use in college is five paragraphs. Standard essays consist of a paragraph that introduces the topic, three paragraphs describing your body and one paragraph summarizing your conclusion. You can add more body paragraphs if you want to, but this five-paragraph essay works best for our purpose. By using this essay structure, you can present your argument, defend it and then conclude it in an organized and coherent way.

Introduction to Ideas

The introduction to any essay should include a thesis statement that clearly defines the topic and goal of your paper. Simple thesis statements might include: “Changing to paperless office models will not just save money for the company, it will reduce wastage, and create a better workspace while helping to protect the environment.” Your introduction paragraph should begin with a general approach to your topic, and gradually bring it in focus. This will allow you to present your argument. The first paragraph should introduce the subject, provide supporting arguments and engage the reader.

The formal body paragraphs

As you continue writing your essay, it is important to give a paragraph each to the main points that you would like to present to support your statement. This is the same as before: The traditional model calls for three sentences to support your thesis statement. But this rule does not apply in all cases. You will need longer essays as you continue to write in college. Order your paragraphs to match your thesis statement. You should support each paragraph with original research and ideas to defend your initial assertion.

You will need to write down your supporting points and research points in the outline of your essay. This will help you to prove your thesis. You should be able to recognize your essay’s skeleton when you review your outline. It will help you identify and correct any flaws in your argument as well as any supporting points that lack or are overly dense with information.

In conclusion

In the final paragraph, you should summarize your argumentation and give your reader your final conclusion. The conclusion of an essay should be written in a standard format. This means that you will restate your thesis statement and then show concisely how the supporting points have supported your original assertion. Your essay’s conclusion must be definitive and strong. You want to end your essay with a concise and coherent piece that shows your understanding of the subject and your ability for argumentation and reasoning.

It may be difficult to begin preparing your college essay. You can impress the admissions board by presenting a coherent essay.


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