A Comparative Study On Country Music And Electronic Dance Music

Sound Versus Sound

The music someone listens to can reveal a lot. It seems like I can tell a great deal about someone by listening to their music. Each decade has seen a huge change in music, making it difficult to keep pace. Each genre of music is unique, even though they are all defined as such. Country music has many different sounds and assets that set it apart from Electronic Dance Music. There are artists in both genres who have the same fame. They have also been recognized for their music at major awards.

Electronic Dance Music is one of the most popular music genres in nightclubs. DJs create EDM tracks using keyboards, computers, and sound recorders. Wikipedia claims that the genre gained popularity in 1977. Zedd Skrillex Tiesto and others are well-known EDM musicians. EDM includes hundreds of different genres such as Acid Trance, Tech Trance, etc. Electronic Dance Music is well-known for its ability to make people dance. Teenagers and young adult are most likely to engage in crazy dancing, which is often the result from drug use. Some EDM songs have lyrics, but the majority of the songs consist of beats and sounds.

Country music, however, is quite different. When I was growing up, my family listened to only country music. I always complained when it came on. Country is older than EDM. Wikipedia.com claims that Country Music began in 1920s. In the early 2000s, country music was dominated by acoustic banjo and guitar. However, it has since evolved to a crossover style of pop music. CMT.com states that Taylor Swift is currently one of the best country music performers. Other top artists include Jason Aldean Carrie Underwood Lady Anebellum. Dancing with country usually involves a dance partner. When you dance the two-step, you step with your partner while holding their hands. Country music has deep lyrics that tell stories.

Electronic Dance Music is popular with a younger crowd, who call themselves “ravers”. Attendees of EDM music festivals or clubs often wear minimal clothing, and carry flags. Furry boots, colorful wristbands and masks are all part of the rave clothing. Their clothing is colorful, unique, and very revealing. EDM festivals and clubs are notorious for drug use, especially by teenagers. EDM music is generally played in the night because lasers and bright light are used on stage. The DJ’s light display is what really makes the show. Without lasers and crazy light shows, the show couldn’t happen.

All ages are represented among country music lovers, and it is played everywhere. Country music fans tend to be modest in their style. Men wear blue denim, cowboys boots, buckles on belts, collared tops and collared jeans. Women will wear similar clothing to men, such as dresses. Cowboy hats can also be worn by women and men. The show is not dependent on lighting, but rather the vocals and instruments of the performers. Rodeos are also venues for some country music concerts. There are many bars that specialize in country music where you can dance and drink with your friends. The use of drugs is not allowed at country shows.

Electronic Dance Music is a genre that has been widely acclaimed, but it’s not the same as Country Music. Country music is conservative, which makes EDM look like a wild explosion of sounds. EDM is known for its erratic rhythms, which can make the country music genre seem a bit dull. Although there are many differences between the two genres, they both bring joy to people. Aviicii is an EDM musician who has created a sound that is completely different from both genres. The music is the same regardless of genre.


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