Response To The Film Schindler’s List

Many people saw the Holocaust as a terrifying, horrific, and horrifying event. It is hard to believe that six millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis. There are many ways they were tortured and killed. It is impossible to understand the pain of every individual. Only Holocaust victims could experience the horror of the Holocaust. Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List had one goal: to make the viewers feel connected to the characters. The film helped them begin to understand the horror of the Holocaust on a more intimate scale.

Spielberg has a lot of horrible imagery, which makes it feel like I’m forming a bond with them. This is the connection Spielberg had to achieve in Schindler’s List. I feel the character’s pain. This makes it possible for me to see the horror and feel the pain of every person who has been left behind. The film allowed me to see how the Nazis treated Jews in concentration camps by writing numbers on their arms or starving them to death. Oskar Scheindler understands that his Jewish laborers are being murdered and cannot stand by. He puts them to work in his factory to try to save them all. They are given the chance to escape being shot, but some end up being removed from his factory and killed. I am the watcher and understand these individuals.

AmonGoeth’s portrayal of a Nazi hostile Semitist officer gives a shocking look into his mind. He shoots Jews with his rifle, and I think it’s fun. He views Jewish people as a whole. He does love Helen Hirsch. Goeth doesn’t deny any affiliation to an individual, like Schindler. His dehumanization of and murder of Jews untold times helps me to recall Russia in our readings.

To the film’s incredible last scene, Spielberg portrays independence as an option. This film was beautiful and moving, but also very extraordinary. In one scene, an old man goes to Schindler’s office. He expresses his gratitude for saving him. Because he had only one arm, he was ultimately killed. It was also heartbreaking to see the train take so many honest people to the gas chambers. Schindler’s List is a must-see. It greatly enriched my understanding of Nazi History. The death camps were to be used as detention communities for people who were considered to be incendiary by Nazi heads. After watching the film, it became clear that Jewish people would retain their assets regardless of what it meant.

A part of me still believes that Schindler will pivot in the midst the ghetto being liquidated. A little girl in a red coat is noticed by him. It’s the main shading case used throughout the film. It was eye-opening to see and so hard to understand how they divided families.


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