How To Write An Outline In MLA Format

Recently, MLA style or format has become a hot topic. Modern Language Association is MLA. You can write your outline without writing one if you prefer the Modern Language Association style.

If you want to be sure that your teacher will accept and grade your essay, it is best to have an outline. This article will teach you exactly how to write a MLA outline.

To write an essay, you must first choose a topic and do thorough research on it. The thesis must be placed above the outline in MLA format. The word thesis can be typed in capital letters above the outline. Your thesis should be stated in a single sentence. It should include your thoughts and opinions on the subject. When stating your thesis, you can use comparison and contrast.

MLA outline must include all the facts, ideas and examples you need to back up your thesis. You should choose the strongest proof that supports your thesis first. Then, organize the remainder based on the strength of the evidence. Prepare an outline. It will enable you to review the information you've gathered. You might want to change or remove something. An outline will help you to identify if there are any important examples and ideas that you may have overlooked, or if there is extra information. Your essay's main focus will be determined by the supporting ideas, information and points. Your thesis will be deemed reliable or unreliable based on the supporting information, ideas and points. The importance of thorough research, initial drafting and careful writing cannot be overstated.

It is important to note that there are some specifics when writing an outline for MLA. You must use Roman numbers and a period to indicate your main ideas. Capital letters are used for the information that clarifies those main ideas. The Arabic numbers are followed by lowercase letters, and then the numbers in parenthesis. Keep all sections parallel. Here is an example of MLA format outline.

How to write a MLA outline

Thesis – A good thesis will help you to write a convincing paper that is trustworthy.

I. Do thorough research on the topic you choose.

A. The strongest arguments to support your thesis

B. Find opposing arguments

C. Write a story about yourself that supports your thesis

II. Create a rough draft of your outline

A. Re-evaluate your arguments and thesis for the final time

1. Arguments that sound unconvincing should be deleted

2. Sort your arguments according to their strength

B. Finally, check the credibility of your arguments.

1. Please proofread your outline.

A. Remove any grammatical and contextual errors

B. Review your outline one final time.

Another type of outline is the decimal, but it's less common. The only difference between this and the previous outline is that the Arabic numbers are used. You can use this example:

1.0. Do thorough research on the topic you choose.

1.1. Find the strongest evidence that supports your thesis

1.2. Find opposing arguments

1.3. Consider an example of a personal experience that supports your thesis

If you have trouble defining the main topic and subtopic, ask yourself if an idea can be added or if it starts a new discussion. Ask yourself if you can add an idea or if the subtopic is a completely new discussion – if you're having difficulty outlining your main topic and its subtopics. All entries should be parallel. It should be fairly easy to write an essay, as well as an outline using MLA format.


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