Uvalde Teachers Eva Mireles & Irma Garcia’s Classroom Was Filled With ‘Love’

Uvalde Teachers Eva Mireles & Irma Garcia’s Classroom Was Filled With ‘Love’

For the past five years, Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia worked together as co-teachers at Robb Elementary school. They were responsible for a fourth-grade classroom that was filled with joy, learning, and laughter.

Eva Mireles was known for her exceptional dedication to her students. A mother of one of her former students expressed how Eva went above and beyond for her daughter, always going the extra mile.

Meanwhile, just two years ago, Irma Garcia was recognized as the teacher of the year at the school. Her passion for teaching and commitment to her students was evident to everyone.

These two beloved educators from the small town of Uvalde, Texas tragically lost their lives while protecting their fourth-grade students from a gunman who attacked the school just a few days before summer vacation.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Mireles and Garcia had expressed their excitement for the upcoming school year in letters they wrote to their incoming students the previous fall. They believed they had a wonderful year ahead and were eager to share their knowledge and experiences with their students.

Natalie Arias, a blended learning specialist in the school district, described these teachers as two of the finest educators Uvalde has ever seen. Their classroom was a place of happiness, personal growth, collaboration, and, above all else, love.

Beyond their roles as teachers, Mireles and Garcia had rich and fulfilling lives as mothers, wives, friends, and aunts. Mireles, who was 44 years old, enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking and crossfit, often spending quality time with her family and dogs. Her husband, Ruben Ruiz, a police officer in the district, is currently involved in the investigation of the school shooting.

Garcia, who was 46 years old, loved barbecuing and traveling with her husband of 24 years. They were proud parents to four children.

Mireles’s daughter, Adalynn, fondly remembered her mother’s dedication and hard work. Despite being a teacher all day, Eva would still find the energy to be the most hardworking crossfitter in the afternoons.

The loss of Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia is deeply felt by the community of Uvalde, Texas. Their legacy as exceptional teachers and caring individuals will forever live on in the hearts of those who knew them.

Afterwards, Adalynn shared an image on social media of her adventurous mother, who had a passion for hiking, standing proudly at the summit of a challenging climb.

Garcia’s Facebook profile serves as a collection of cherished family memories and moments of maternal pride. It showcases her son’s achievement of making the Dean’s List, her daughter’s quinceañera, and photographs from a memorable family fishing trip accompanied by a caption expressing gratitude for her incredible husband and children.

Furthermore, her posts demonstrate that she dedicated a significant amount of time contemplating her other children – her students at Robb Elementary. In May 2020, Garcia shared a post stating, "…I have gained numerous new methods to motivate and challenge my future students to become independent learners."

However, two years later, her loved ones are currently grieving her loss. A devastated nephew expressed, "She selflessly sacrificed herself to protect the children in her classroom. I earnestly ask for your prayers for my family and all of her loved ones."

"My aunt did not survive. She bravely gave her life to shield the children under her care. I implore you to keep my entire family, as well as hers, in your prayers. Her name is Irma Garcia, and she died as a hero. She was adored by many and will be deeply missed." Joey.mtz tweeted alongside a heartfelt message and a photo of his aunt.

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