The Pursuit Of Happyness’: The Pursuit Is Possible, Not Just Probable

True stories make movies that are captivating. Movies that focus on positive aspects of society and are based around true stories are more engaging. The Pursuit of Happyness, the film about Chris Gardner’s story, is a great example of a story that inspires and benefits many people. Chris Gardner was poor and without a job. He had to leave his home in order for Christopher to live with him. Gardner persevered in spite of all odds to help his family improve their quality of life. Gardner, who persevered and worked hard, was awarded an unpaid internship with Dean Witter. From there, he became a stock broker. The film depicts the many struggles Gardner had to overcome, such as caring for Christopher, finding shelter, and how important it was to him to succeed despite the constant adversity. The Pursuit of Happiness is a cultural text that embodies the American Dream through the elements of self-reliance, equal opportunity, and other aspects. The American Dream, a major part of American culture, is a reason that many Americans believe that the United States really is a free world’. The American Dream refers to the belief that people can ‘pursue their individual idea of happiness’ while being protected by the government (Amadeo). Chris Gardner portrays a person who is driven to achieve happiness and whose life is better because of his hard work and determination. During Chris’s sales career, he tells his son about the American Dream. … [If] you got a dream, you gotta protect it. People won’t tell you if you are incapable of doing something. Go get it if you really want it. The Pursuit of Happyness’ Quotes. Chris Gardner applies this principle to his life, refusing to listen or be doubted by anyone. This includes his wife, who is left to provide for herself and Christopher financially. Gardner can succeed because he is self-reliant and has equal opportunity. Both of these ideals can be found in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence laid the foundations of America’s operation. Thomas Wolfe explained the statements concerning ‘the pursuit happiness’ as meaning that “anyone regardless of their origin… has the right live, work and be the person he chooses to be.” (Ren). Although some people disagree with these ideals, Chris Gardner’s actions merely validate them. Gardner’s story reveals that Gardner only relied on his ability to improve the financial situation of himself. He did not seek outside help. There is much debate in America about whether poor people should be self-sufficient to improve their financial situation or should they receive government aid. However, American culture is strongly based on self-reliance. Gardner, a father and grandfather, takes extraordinary measures every day to keep his family afloat. Gardner demonstrates that he values hard work and believes he can improve the quality of his life. The film’s creators wanted to show that anyone can make their dreams come true by illustrating the story of Gardner. The Pursuit of Happiness reminds Americans that they don’t have to choose between individualism and government support. Equal opportunity is another topic that has been highly debated in America. It is a controversial topic. The idea is rejected by many who argue that there are economic and social factors which prevent the poorer and less fortunate from having equal opportunities to improve their life quality. Chris Gardner believed that even though he had only twenty-five dollars at the time, he could improve his life. He believed that he was able to provide for himself and Christopher the life they had always wanted. Gardner may have been affected by social factors such as race, education, and instability in his family. Gardner, an African American from the South, was not educated in college and didn’t have a father. After his mother was imprisoned twice, Gardner was placed with foster parents. These conditions would have led many to believe they were not eligible for success in America. Gardner didn’t lose heart and continued to believe in himself, despite his circumstances. His belief in America was a meritocracy, rather than a nation defined by racism or class struggle was his hope. Dean Witter (the firm that offered the internship) was initially skeptical of Gardner’s appearance. He was wearing a tattered, unprofessional outfit and had hair and skin paint. They began to respect Gardner and took him seriously once he proved that he was willing work hard for their company. Gardner rose from poverty and minority to become a successful man and achieve his goals. This idea can be used to inspire Americans to work hard for their goals. Many people have similar stories to Gardner. The film can be viewed as a social comment on self-reliance. It can also serve to send a message to people who doubt their ability to succeed. The Pursuit of Happiness is a film that proves anyone can achieve their goals and dreams if they are committed enough to work hard. Gardner’s story reminds us that anyone can benefit from the opportunity offered by America. American culture is founded on the idea that people can achieve their goals and can be motivated to live their lives.


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