Pay It Forward Movie: Analysis Of Trevor Mckinney’s Self-concept

Most people will pay back a favor to someone they have done for us. Trevor McKinney however, isn’t content with paying it back. His history teacher changed his entire self-conception. His teacher assigned him the assignment of expressing an idea that would make a difference in the world and then following through with it. Trevor’s teacher gave him an assignment to communicate an idea that would change the world and then take it into action. Although the influence began as a thought of “paying it forward”, his self-concept stated that he would be able to make a difference by helping others.

Trevor then asked three people to show kindness to Trevor. However, instead of receiving the act back in any way, Trevor asked them to give it to three other people. This could potentially create a positive chain reaction. Trevor was a frequent comparison of himself with others and used this to help others. Mr. Simonet Trevor was a teacher who used social comparisons to show how his life was similar to Trevor’s. Mr. Simonet recognized the similarities and shared their fathers’ abusive upbringings. Trevor is not happy with his lifestyle due to his abusive fathers. Trevor also sees that Trevor’s teacher is badly burned and assumes that their home lives aren’t as great. Trevor’s self perception is influenced by his peers and the impact they have on him. Trevor saw that the comparison showed him that there are people out there who are facing similar struggles. He believes in helping others through simple acts of kindness. Trevor is able show kindness to others in a similar way. Culture shapes people. Your beliefs and values are what shape your culture. It can also influence how we view ourselves if we don’t endorse other cultures. The acceptance of the diversity of cultures can help to create a more positive culture. It’s dangerous to use differences against others.

Trevor’s upbringing and culture has a significant impact on his self-concept. He realizes that his home and relationship with his parents wasn’t the best. He accepts this and strives to see positive in all people and situations. It’s the reason he is so generous. Self-awareness is a valuable skill that leadership often overlooks. Self-awareness refers to being aware of your strengths and recognizing what you need to improve. You can do this by being open, admitting that your questions are not clear and learning from them. No matter how much we acknowledge our shortcomings, everyone else can still see them. We shouldn’t hide our weaknesses. We should highlight and own them.

Trevor McKinney’s movie shows him giving feedback and being honest with himself throughout. Trevor is an excellent listener, as Mr. Simonet, his teacher, notices. Trevor’s reputation for being a good listener makes it easier for his peers to approach him with their problems. Trevor was able to see that this feedback made him more open to listening and it helped him feel better about himself. Trevor received feedback in another way when he tried to give back his idea by doing a kind deed for three people. Trevor performs an act for one person, but the reporter discovers the truth. Trevor believes that his idea is a sham and it doesn’t work. But he was wrong. When the reporter visited the woman who had helped the man at the hospital, he saw that she was giving back. Trevor is extremely lonely when it comes to self-disclosure. He may present a professional front to his peers. But deep down, he is lonely. Trevor also shows self-disclosure by his idea of paying it Forward. He just wants his mother to feel right.

He came away with the knowledge that he listens well and that others appreciate his efforts. Sometimes we have to look at ourselves from a distance and seek out feedback to help us understand and gather our thoughts. However, others may not know certain things about you. You can communicate in any way you like.


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